Beginning Monday, September 10th, General Hospital will begin airing at 2pmEST making a permanent move to make way for Katie Couric's talk show. Be sure to adjust your DVRs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Operation "Anne Sweeney"

Caling ALL General Hospital fans - Operation "Anne Sweeney" is under way. Sweeney, head of ABC Television, made a promise to soap fans that the show with the most viewers on ABC's daytime line-up would remain on the network. GH is currently in the lead over ratings flop "The Revolution". Now is the time to hold Ms. Sweeney to her word. The following message is from RHeart Radio's Chrissy Piccolo:

RHeart Radio has been asked to head up the 'Operation Anne Sweeney Campaign' within the soap movement. Time to hold Sweeney accountable and DEMAND she stick to her words "the show with the most eyes stays" on their Daytime line up! With General Hospital on the chopping block, it's up to us to let the Disney Board of Directors and ABC affiliates know we will out Sweeney, ABC & Disney as frauds if she doesn't follow through with her statement. Both The Chew & The Revolution are tanking in the ratings and GH is still ahead of them by almost a million viewers.

Join the fight! Send flyers to the Disney Board of Directors, ABC affiliates, Bob Iger & Anne Sweeney!

1. Print flyers: http://sudz.tv/content/sweeney-woman-her-word-campaign
2. List of Board Members: http://sudz.tv/content/board-directors-disney-inc
3. List of ABC affiliates: http://sudz.tv/local-affiliates

*Call your local affiliate and ask them:

1. Is GH on their daytime line up as of September?
2. What has ABC told them about GH?
3. Are they planning to air Katie Couric?
4. If not, what are they airing at the 3pm(est) hour?

*I need to keep track of what you do, so please email me at RHeart@sudz.tv: (pls call during the 2-3pm(est) hour)

1. City you mailed flyers from
2. Who you mailed flyers to: ie: board members, affiliates
3. How many flyers you mailed
4. The date they were mailed

Please help us attain our goal- to bombard the Disney Board of Directors, Bob Iger & Anne Sweeney BEFORE their stockholders meeting in Kansas City next month. I want board members to question Iger and Sweeney on what the plan is for their Daytime line up and realize they will face a PR nightmare if Sweeney goes back on her word and cancels GH!

Thanks guys!

Chrissy :)

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