Beginning Monday, September 10th, General Hospital will begin airing at 2pmEST making a permanent move to make way for Katie Couric's talk show. Be sure to adjust your DVRs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Save The Soap Genre!

Head over to www.savethesoapgenre.com and join us in our efforts to save the soap genre. This website is a one-stop place on the web where you can tell us what you're doing everyday to help with the fight. You will find several online forms designed to give us feedback on the demand for a dedicated cable soap channel, issues with DVR recording of GH and cable/satellite provider responses to the cancellation of SoapNET. You can also find a host of pre-made tweets ready for you to simply click and tweet. It's a fantastic resource for ANYONE willing to lend a hand and support the efforts to save the soap genre!

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